will geoghegan

Birthday: July 15th, 1992

Hometown: Brunswick, Maine

College: Dartmouth / Oregon

Personal Bests: 3:40-1500, 3:56-mile, 7:45-3k, 13:17-5k

Notable Accomplishments:

2 x NCAA All-American for Dartmouth

3 x NCAA All-American for Oregon

Former Ivy League record holder in the mile

Current Dartmouth record holder in mile and 3k

Part of 2 NCAA track team championships for Oregon

Why NJNYTC? I have the best group of middle distance/distance training partners in the country and I'm coached by a legend.

Greatest strength as an athlete: Going out way too hard in races to get big PRs.

Greatest weakness: Going out way too hard in races and not getting PRs.

Favorite Gags Quote: "Take some speed. Take some strength. Mix 'em in a bowl. What does that give you? A CHAMPION!"

Role Model: My mom.

Hobbies: Playing video games; watching Colby play video games.

Running Idiosyncrasy: None

One Run With Anyone: Roger Bannister on May 6th, 1954. I'd sit and kick on him.