The Morning Shakeout: COach Frank Gagliano

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In this week’s episode. our very own Coach Frank Gagliano joins Mario and opens up about his history as a coach and the secrets behind having longevity in the sport. This fantastic hour+ long interview is one we highly recommend you don’t miss.

No, I’m not surprised [that I’m still coaching] because there’s two things: My heart and my mind is in it big time. And as long as those two continue to be in it—and my health, thank the good Lord at the age of 82 is very good—I love it, and I’m not ready to pack it in at all. Actually, I have a lot of fire in my belly.”
— Frank Gagliano


  • 15 Olympians

  • 140 NCAA All-Americans

  • Multiple National Champions

  • A World Championships Medalist.

Warning. This interview got emotional a couple times as Coach Gags opens up to Mario in a way he hasn’t elsewhere before and his story, and message, is really powerful. The man has coached at every level of the sport over the past 58 years—high school, college, and professionally—and he’s had great success at all of them. More importantly than that, however, the lessons he’s taught his athletes extend far beyond the track. He has a love for the sport, his family, his athletes, and his country that is unmatched and it really comes across in this conversation.

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