Q&A: Ce'Aira Brown

June 7, 2017

Ce'Aira Brown broke the tape and the 2017 Adrian Martinez Classic and dropped a 2:01.10. Ladies and gents, that's over a second and a half PR and a ticket punched to the 2017 USA Outdoor Championships. Rewatch the race here. Check out what Ce'Aira had to say about her new PR and joining NJNYTC. 


Race run down, how did things play out at the Adrian Martinez Classic? Things played out very well at the Adrian Martinez Classic. I went into the meet determined to do my best and stay positive. 

How were you feeling the week leading up to the race?  I felt really great and confident because my workouts were really good.

How has your transition to NJNYTC been? My transition to NJNYTC has been a journey especially coming from Hampton which isn't as endurance based. Previously, strength workouts were quite a challenge, but now they've become a lot easier. I went from running 10-15 miles a weeks to now hitting 55-60. I also struggled with self- motivation, but thanks to my amazing coaches and teammates I've had a major increase in my confidence. 

What are 3 things you have learned in the first few months of being a pro runner? I have learned (1) to become very independent (2) financial stability is very important (3) you have to be tough mentally.

You have almost 10,000 followers on Instagram and are the NJNYTC master of beautiful selfies, what's the trick? I honestly do not know all of my followers, but they are very supportive along with the ones I do know. The trick to my great selfies is great lighting and also it is all about the right angles to get a good picture.

3 places you hope to compete around the world: London, Puerto Rico, Dubai

Favorite workout: 400 repeats

Post race celebration meal: Shrimp scampi

Run with music or run with friends: When getting ready for a competition, I prefer to run with music. Recovery days I prefer to run with friends.

Explain Coach Gags in one word: Determined

Go to pump up pre-race song: I actually have two; Maze featuring Frankie Beverly and Before I Let Go & A.chal - Gazi

If you could dominate any other track and field event what would it be: 1500m

Random fact that most people don't know about you: I do not have my license yet, just my permit. I'm hoping to pass my driver's test on August 3rd!!! Yes I know , I'm long overdue lol!

What's up next: Next meet will be the HOKA NJNYTC Elite Twilight Last Chance Meet at Franklin Field, Philadelphia 

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