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Engineered Garments x Hoka Is the Unexpected Collaboration You Need This Spring

GQ highlights Engineered Garment X Hoka Collaboration. Shoes modeled by NJNYTC'c Megan Mansy and Chris Giesting

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Why your should ditch that half marathon for a mile race instead

Shape Magazine taps on Stephanie Schappert for tips on how to train and race a mile.

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HOKA HACKS: Preventing Gags From Getting Angry

Coach Gags is one of the nicest most caring guys around, but he can get a little cranky. Donn Cabral explains the keys to preventing Coach Gags from getting angry.

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HOKA HACKS: Training with 4-Legged Friends 

Dogs make everything better. Nicol Traynor & Ashley Higginson team up to share their tips on how to run with your favorite four-legged friend by your side.

HOKA HACKS: Preventing Blisters with Waverly Neer

Everyone agrees blisters are the worst. Waverly Neer shows us a quick and easy way to make sure you never get one – no matter the conditions!

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Hoka Hack: Post Workout Nap with Kyler Merber

Learn how Kyle Merber winds down and re-charges after a good run.

Hoka Hack: Ice Bath with Stephanie Schappert

Stephanie Schappert shows you how to ice bath anywhere without buying ice. 

Hoka Hacks: Eating Vegan With Ford Palmer

Learn how to be a lazy vegan with Ford Palmer.

HOKA Hacks: Hydrate with Colby Alexander

Learn how to hydrate correctly and drink one gallon water in 24 hours with Colby Alexander.

How This Olympian Is Planning a Huge Comeback

Donn Cabral, a two-time Olympian in the 3,000-meter steeplechase, explains how he's changing his strategy to compete in the 2020 Tokyo Games

10 Pros on Staying Motivated During the Dark Winter Months

Getting out of bed for that early run can be tough—especially when the weather isn’t so great. Stephanie Schappert and Kyle Merber share tips for how to stay motivated. 

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Hoka Partners With New Jersey New York Track Club

Hoka One One, a division of Deckers Brands, is the new exclusive sponsor of New Jersey New York Track Club, a top U.S. elite middle-distance team led by coach Frank Gagliano.

A Legend’s Last Trials

Coach Frank Gagliano, 79, leads 16 elite athletes to the meet selecting the U.S. team for Rio. He says it’s his final run. But does he have it in him to walk away?