Kenyetta Iyevbele

Birthday: August 22, 1992

Hometown: Charlotte, North Carolina aka Queen City

College: North Carolina State University #GoPack!

Personal Bests:  800m-2:01.68, 1500m-4:20.38, Mile-4:44.26

Notable Accomplishments:

2016 Olympic Trial Qualifier, 800m

2015 US Nationals Semi-Finalist, 800m

2 x All-American

Favorite Shoe: The HOKA ONE ONE® Clifton 3s! They really form to my feet and even with the extra cushion they’re still super light

Why NJNYTC? I chose to be a part of this team because of the support. Gags reiterates the importance of family and having a common goal to better ourselves. It's a wonderful feeling when someone sees something special and provides you with an opportunity! I see a movement in this team, and great things are happening.

Greatest Strength: It would be my choice of thought. When I'm training, I think about joy. I'm thinking about it when I'm crushing a workout and also when I'm struggling. I'm forming a habit to choose joy. It helps so much with running. Practicing this day to day truly does make a potentially sour day as sweet as a macaron.

Greatest Weakness: My patience. A lot of times in the running world we want things NOW. We have pre-planned training cycles that we expect results immediately. Sometimes our best of races come when we least expect it.

Favorite Gags Quote: "Smile!" He expects us to train well and give each day everything we got, but is always sure to remind us to enjoy ourselves in the process and just have fun.

Role Model: My mother, Tonjia Gladney. Being a three-time breast cancer survivor itself is inspiring beyond anything I've ever witnessed before. She's one tough cookie to say the least! My mom has always encouraged me to be my very best in everything I do in life. When faced with tribulations, she taught me to have faith, even if it's just a mustard seed's worth. Whenever I reach a tough period of training or racing isn't going quite as well as I'd like, I always keep in mind these special messages she's shared with me. If she can conquer such a nasty disease, multiple times, I can make it through whatever running or anything else in life throws at me!

Hobbies: Exploring different recipes and making new meals. Experimenting with different cultures' cuisine (my favorite being Asian and African) is a lot fun and allows me to really mix it up. I love, love, LOVE macarons, so trying new flavors is always exciting. I also enjoy sewing and nail art too.  

Running Idiosyncrasy: I like wearing funky crew socks with colorful patterns and cool designs. Partly because it's fun, but mostly because they cover my exposed ankles during NY's freezing cold due to my running tights not always being long enough. #tallgirlprobs

One Run With Anyone: Jesus Christ. I'm a strong believer in Christ and having faith means everything to me. His grace and mercy have saved me and given me a second chance at life. Growing up a Christian has truly molded me into the athlete I am and am still becoming today.