John Trautman

Hometown: New York, NY

Start of Coaching Career: I have coached individuals on and off since 2000, but I have been a full time coach for 2 years

Greatest Accomplishments as a Coach: Having Gags promote me from carrying his chair to holding a stopwatch

Greatest Accomplishments as an Athlete: Transforming myself from a 210 pound out of shape wall street trader to age group world record holder

What makes NJNYTC special: The group started off as a true “blue collar” team. Athletes came to the program because they wanted to be coached by Gags not because of money

Coaching philosophy: No 1 training program works for everyone. Coach the athlete not the system

Favorite Shoe: HOKA ONE ONE® Clayton

Most Important Thing for Athletes: Get enough sleep

NJNYTC 2017 Goals: Having as many athletes as possible surpass their own expectations

Favorite Place to Watch a Track Meet: Armory

Favorite Event to Coach: 1500m