Donn Cabral’s Marathon Debut 

In case you missed it, NJNYTC’s OG Steeplechaser, Donn Cabral, made his marathon debut at the Honolulu Marathon a week ago. The two-time Steeplechase Olympian was the first American, finishing 4th overall with a time of 2:19:16. We caught up with Donn this week to get his thoughts, pre-race, mid-race and post race.


Pre Marathon: 

When did you decide you wanted to run a marathon this year? What was the driving factor? 

DC: The thought of the marathon really took hold of me on my first run after the US championships in Des Moines this past year. I was so frustrated with my performance that I couldn't wait to devote myself to a new beginning and a new goal. 

Why the Honolulu Marathon? 

DC: I had always dreamed of debuting in NYC but I wanted more time to build up and set myself up for a great race. One of the biggest reasons I wanted to do a marathon was for the training benefits and how I think it'll help my steepling this coming season. There's no point in rushing the preparation when the preparation is such an important part of my purpose.

Most challenging aspect of training for the marathon? 

DC: "Rest" had a new meaning: 90 second rest in an interval workout came to mean: "jog 400m between reps in less than 90 seconds"


Marathon Day: 

Morning of the race, how were preparations different from a track race? 

DC: My alarm woke me up at 3:30am for a 5am start. Since it was only my second morning in Hawaii I was still on Eastern Time and managed 7 hours of sleep before the race. I really enjoyed carbo-loading, something I wouldn't do for track races. But on race morning I ate minimally, just some fluids, a yogurt and a Garden of Life protein bar.

Most difficult Mile? 

DC: Everything between 5k and 40k is a blur... But one of those miles in there was significantly uphill with a big headwind. 

Favorite part of the race? 

DC: I shot a three-pointer with my water cup into a trash can--swish--and gave an exaggerated follow-through with my hands up. The volunteers went nuts and I forgot how tough marathons are for a second!

Or when I made myself chuckle because I moved into the HOV lane when one of the runners drafted off me for too many miles.

Post Marathon:

Was recovery better or worse than you expected?

DC: So far so good! I raced a downhill 10k once and the soreness after that was pretty comparable. 

Post race indulgence? 

DC: "FNCE 5101 Financial Management" 

*Reader’s Note: Donn is currently in Law School and took a red eye flight from Hawaii back to the East Coast to take his final semester exams

Now that it's over, favorite race? 

DC: Steeple! Then it's close between the 5k and the marathon. 

Check out Donn’s post-race interview here.