Danielle Aragon

Birthday: July 1, 1994

Hometown: Billings, MT

College: University of Notre Dame

Personal Bests:  1500m - 4:09.04, 800m - 2:04.19, Mile - 4:31.66

Notable Accomplishments:

4 x NCAA All-American

Favorite Shoe: HOKA ONE ONE® Clifton 4

Why NJNYTC? Coach Gags goes above and beyond for every one of his athletes. The more time I spend on the team, the more I understand what a privilege it is to be trained by him. He has a unique way of understanding what motivates his athletes and keeping us in check. His guidance has helped me better understand myself as an athlete and a person.   

Greatest Strength: I think I’m pretty good at working with what I got. I’m not the strongest or the fastest person on the team, but I am confident in my ability to get the most out of myself when I line up to race.

Greatest Weakness: Tempos

Favorite Gags Quote: “Forgetaboutit!!!!”

Role Model: Luge Aragon. My grandma Luge was the first runner in our family. She spent most of her life waking up at 4:30 am to run, before going to work or helping my Grandpa bail alfalfa. I really admire her faith, strength, and steadfast character.

Hobbies: Reading, writing, working at Stone Barns Center, going to my favorite place in Tarrytown—Taco Project—and biking on the Hudson River.

Running Idiosyncrasy: I used to carry a lucky rattle snake tail in my spike bag and only race with my hair in a braid. However, both of those idiosyncrasies have done me wrong—multiple times—so I can’t say I have any true pre-race rituals or anything.

One Run With Anyone: Ellen DeGeneres. I feel like she would be cracking jokes the whole time and I would be dying laughing.