Danielle Aragon

Birthday: July 1, 1994

Hometown: Billings, MT

College: University of Notre Dame

Personal Bests:  1500m - 4:09.04, 800m - 2:04.19

Notable Accomplishments:

4 x NCAA All-American

Favorite Shoe: HOKA ONE ONE® Clifton 4

Why NJNYTC? On my visit to NJNYTC, Gags personally picked me up from the airport and took me to Dobbs Diner for breakfast. After practice, we went back to Dobbs Diner for lunch. I am convinced that this and the genuine sense of family on NJNYTC make it like no other.

Greatest Strength: Not taking myself too seriously

Greatest Weakness: Not taking myself too seriously

Favorite Gags Quote: “Forgetaboutit!!!!”

Role Model: Stephanie Schappert

Hobbies: Overpriced coffee shops, playing pranks on Heather Wilson, scheming about future pranks to play on Heather Wilson, biking around Tarrytown

Running Idiosyncrasy: I used to carry a lucky rattle snake tail in my spike bag and only race with my hair in a braid. However, both of those idiosyncrasies have done me wrong—multiple times—so I can’t say I have any true pre-race rituals or anything.

One Run With Anyone: Coach Gags at 23