The European summer racing circuit is somewhat a rite of passage for professional runners. The U.S. Championships have concluded and NJNYTC is headed to Europe hungry for the opportunity to race against some of the world's best athletes, snag that PR they have been chasing all season, and enjoy the unique, relaxed, and exciting racing environment Europe has to offer. 

Check out NJNYTC's schedule and see what the "rookies" and "vets" have to say about their upcoming races: 

Johnny Gregorek (3:55.57), Kyle Merber (3:55.79), and Colby Alexander (3:55.93) sweep the 2016 Morton Mile. 

Johnny Gregorek (3:55.57), Kyle Merber (3:55.79), and Colby Alexander (3:55.93) sweep the 2016 Morton Mile. 




7/12 - Morton Games - Ireland

800m - Giesting, Garn, Barowski, Brown

1500m - Tully

Mile - Merber, Crawford, Alexander

Watch here: http://www.flotrack.org/event/255522-2017-morton-games

7/15 - Le Cheile International - Ireland

400m - Giesting, Barowski

7/18 - Cork City Sports - Ireland

800m - Giesting, Barowski, Brown, Iyevbele

Mile - Garn, Crawford

3,000m - Tully

7/19 - International Meeting of Liege - Belgium

800m - Merber, Alexander, Brown

7/22 - Heusden Night of Athletics - Belgium

800m - Garn, Giesting, Brown, Barowski, Iyevbele, 

1500m - Merber, Alexander, Crawford

7/26 - Karlstad Grand Prix - Sweden

800m - Brown

“You have to give up your normal routine a bit when racing in Europe. It’s essential to just go with the flow of things rather than trying to maintain the pre-race rituals that are so comfortable at home.
— Nicole Tully - 3rd European Trip
Screenshot 2017-07-12 09.47.21.png
With the time adjustments and the travel, you may not step on the line feeling perfect every time, but it’s about mixing it up and being competitive. There’s nothing to lose racing here, but a lot to gain.
— Kyle Merber - 4th European Trip
One of my biggest goals here is to see some castles, but it’s also a nice opportunity to race a lot in a short period of time. We’ve been training nonstop all year, and now the work is done. Time to play!
— Chris Giesting - 1st European Trip
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“It’s my first time in Europe, let alone racing, and I’m excited to chase some fast times and see some new places along the way. Hoping to return to the US with some new personal bests!
— Graham Crawford - 1st European Trip
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